Muay Thai / MMA
Muay Thai Kickboxing is widely known as the most dominant form of striking in the world.  It is also the National Sport of Thailand and its competitors are highly feared stand up fighters.  Using your Fists, Shins, Knees or Elbows, Muay Thai is garaunteed to give you the upper hand in any fight or self defense situation.  Muay Thai trains fighting in multiple positions of standup.  You may keep the distance with your hands and legs. If your opponent chooses to get closer, you may clinch and knee, or even sweep him to the ground.  Even though Muay Thai is a major sport, its also an extremely effective form of self defense.

Krav Maga Tactical Self Defense, enough said.  This is a self defense system dealing not with the Sport aspect, but with the essentials to real life situations.  With everything from sudden chokes, knives, sticks, guns, even situations such as bar room brawls to rape, all will be covered.  The goal in this class is the same as the regular Muay Thai classes, to train techniques, then drill the situations as realisticly as possible.  Just with the possibility of "anything goes".  Its sure to give you tools for any situation.
Brazilian Jiujitsu is a highly specialized martial art dealing with ground fighting.  With techniques dealing specifically with grappling Jiujitsu is not only a sport but a true form of self defense.  With each session one will not only learn the technique, but also learn how to apply it on the ground.

The ancient art of the Shinobi or Ninja.  These were some of the first special forces.  Born in oppression the ninja were highly specialized warriors whose training encompassed a variety of training methods and Martial Arts.  Constantly under attack by samurai clans, the mountain people of the Iga and Koga provinces were forced to defend themselves, in this the ninja were born.  With the samurai holding superior armor and weapons, Ninjas were forced to be smarter, faster, stronger and far more aggressive than their knight like opponents.  This created their legend of stealth.
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